Job Openings & Internship Opportunities

Do you want to be part of our team as an intern, freelancer or full-time employee? Go to this link for job announcements or email us for inquiries at

Localization Marketing Department

To inquire about our localization services, simply fill up this form or directly contact us to talk with our representative:

  • Phone: (+1) 828-900-2019 loc. 300
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Contents Distribution Department

Know more about on how we can help you distribute your media content internationally, feel free to contact us here: 

  • Phone: (+1) 828-900-2019 loc. 201
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Media Acquisitions Department

Know more about our pre-acquisition services and the ASEAN Contents Market,  reach us out with these contact details:

  • Phone: (+1) 828-900-2019 loc. 200
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Post Production Department

You’ve done all that great work during pre-production and got the footage you needed when it came time to film. Contact us to make your video shine in post-production:

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Broadcasting Department

We manage Pinoy Seoul Radio, your 24-hour online radio station broadcasting the hottest K-pop music to Filipinos across the world. Contact us if you have Korea-Philippines-related media inquiries and project proposals:

  • Phone: (+1) 828-900-2019 loc. 100
  • Email:

Digital Marketing Department

We partnered with OBRAA to promote the significance of Filipino culture and arts and uplift Pinoy pride across the world. Learn more about the media portals we manage by reaching us out though these contact details:

  • Phone: (+1) 415-909-4099
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Co-Production & Tech Platform Development

Want us to build something for you or do you want to collaborate with us? Send your media inquiries and project proposals here:

  • Phone: (+1) 828-900-2019 loc. 100
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