A Platform to Find Perfect Freelance Services from the Philippines

With various stages of lockdown - from enhanced to general community quarantine - still enforced, many Filipino workers have been greatly affected. Daily wage earners are on a “No work, no pay” basis. Work from home has now become the “new normal” with mostly only essential businesses allowed to open.

What if you can provide your services, talents, or skills while still quarantined at home or if you choose to work from home under the “new normal”? Anyone interested to hire you can then avail of the service and pay you for it – all done remotely. Wouldn’t that be great?

A technology-based solution for struggling workers in a lockdown situation is now available. You can work remotely in the comfort of your own home with “PinoyArtist.com”. This modernized solution to unemployment comes in this time of lockdown but will continue to be relevant in a different world it left behind.

How it Works?

This tech-based solution is a stalwart to present a venue to all Pinoy artists and freelancers who are in lockdown situation but need to continue their works during new normal life. Artists can plug their skills and talents online with the right professional fee indicated and controlled by themselves. 

Example: “We can dance on your music video for 4000 pesos”, “I can sing on your wedding for 5000 pesos”, I will create a beautiful logo design for your company for 2000 pesos”. This promotion made by the talent will be viewable in the web platform as well as the mobile apps. Any kind of client (can be companies or fellow artists) who is searching for a freelance service may able to visit our platform and for book it. The payment for the talent will enter into a tech design that there is no real middleman required to complete the process.

The Process: 1) When the client books the “raket” of the talent, 2) the client then deposits the specified amount to OBRA’s FinTech payment system. 3) The talent will be notified to start to render the service. 4) Inside the platform, there is a built-in chat where they can discuss details and updates of the raket. 5) When the task is complete, the deposited amount will be automatically sent to the talent's bank account.

In this technological advancement, “PinoyArtist.com” prevents online scam because the money is in the middle of both parties and can only be touched after rendering the service. In an event that there is a dispute, the deposited money can be refunded to the client or can be divided depending on the situation.

Visit and register on https://pinoyartist.com and turn isolation into inspiration!