Your Neighborhood "Sari-Sari Store" Uploaded Online

Pinoy Store, an e-commerce platform where Korean-based Filipinos could buy authentic Filipino products through their mobile phones was launched by Nash Ang and the team behind, an online portal for Filipinos in Korea.

Just this May 2019, Korean-based Pinoy actor/director Ang, also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Pinoy Seoul Enterprise met up with Gongju Pinoy Store, the official Philippine products distributor for Pinoy Store at Seoul Global Startup Center for the social media management and logistics operations.

Nash describes the Filipino community in Korea to be somewhat different from its neighboring Asian countries. “We don’t have nannies or domestic helpers here,” he explained.

“During the early ’90s, there was a rise in the number of Pinoy expat entertainers in Korea but nightclubbing became less popular because of the lifestyle shift. Most Filipinos here are either factory workers or students. Pinays are usually married to Koreans. Approximately 60,000 Filipinos live here making it Korea’s third-largest expat community, next to China and Vietnam,” Ang added.

“Pinoys here are longing for Filipino products and when they see local goods that they remember cooking and eating from the Philippines, they readily patronize them associating them with memories back home,” said Nash.

The e-commerce platform is now operational . The web version is viewable by visiting The Android mobile application is now on its beta release and downloadable in the Google Play Store by clicking the image below.

Article By: Hemmady S. Mora