Online Radio Station Established to Help Fight COVID-19

In the era of social distancing is encouraged to limit the infections of Novel Coronavirus, a project by PS Media Enterprise called "Pinoy Seoul Radio" is now testing live on-air. This initiative aims to help overseas Filipinos and Overseas Filipino Workers to make them feel they are in the Philippines, in the comfort of their home.

Pinoy Seoul Radio is a 24-hour online radio, broadcasting the best of Philippines and Korean music. Music programs such as "OFW Homesick Playlist" and "OPM Classics for Overseas Filipinos" are curated specifically to Filipino diaspora across the world. Live programs relevant to Filipinos outside the Philippines are planned to make our Kababayan up-to-date not only about the COVID-19 updates but also to the latest news as well.

There are also Korea-specific programming that bridges Korea and Philippines though the art of music and technology. "The K-Pop Show with Poli", a live DJ broadcast is scheduled discussing the trending topics and everything in and out of Korean Entertainment.

Together with strict social distancing campaign, Pinoy Seoul Radio helps prevent the spread the pandemic virus in an entertaining but effective way. The internet broadcast service is now testing it's airwaves online though Feel free to contact if you have suggestions and specific concerns.