• Pinoy Seoul Store

    SEOUL - Filipinos in Korea will now feel less homesick with an e-commerce platform to buy Philippine products in Korea is on its way to launch.

    Nash Ang and the team behind Pinoy Seoul, the premiere online portal for Filipino communities based in Korea is developing "Pinoy Seoul Store", an online grocery shop where you can buy authentic pinoy products in just few clicks on your mobile phone.

    The e-commerce platform is now on its beta. The web version is viewable by visiting https://store.pinoyseoul.com The android mobile app will be available alongside of the official release of Pinoy Seoul Store sometime this year.

    "I hear every day from my customers how much it means to be able to find the Filipino food they remember from their childhood in the Philippines and how much they missed cooking and eating them.", Amy Lee said, the owner of Areumdaun Sangjom, the official product distributor of the online shop. Pinoy Seoul Store offers more than just Filipino food, it offers the comfort of the Philippines in the palm of your hands.