“AAA” Marketing

PSmedia is a group of marketing consultants in South Korea which established effective leads generation projects in Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand with "AAA Marketing" goal orientated strategy.


Advertising brings in customers, but word-of-mouth brings in the best customers.
PSmedia provides you in-depth conceptualization with realistic strategies to connect you to the right customers in South East Asia region.


PSmedia aims to be the premiere digital marketing consulting agency
that will provide brand development services for international companies
in the region of South East Asia.


As your digital marketing consultant who understands the “customer funnel,”
we offer strategy, implementation, optimization, and training across your multi-channel marketing activity
to increase visibility, traffic, and conversion — maximizing your return on investment.

  • Bitcom News (Global - Southeast Asia)

  • Koreigners (Korea)

  • Vatlieuweb (Vietnam - Global)

  • Pinoy Seoul (Korea - Philippines)

  • Pinoy California (USA - Philippines)

  • Toko Serba Serbi (Indonesia - Korea)


    Explore how PSmedia's digital marketing and brand development consulting can help you EVOLVE your organization.

    PSmedia Korea

    • Building:WeWork Yeoido
    • KR Address:여의도동 23-6
    • KR Phone:010-3135-1950
    • USA Phone:+1 260 300 0550
    • Email:admin@psmedia.io

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